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Weight BenchIf you’re looking to purchase a weight bench, my reviews of some of the leading models out there on the web should put you straight.

After working out  for many years, I have experimented with quite a few weight benches, and sweated buckets in many a gym. This website of reviews, tips and deals is my efforts to give a little something to the awesome fitness community.

If you’re looking to buy a weight bench, or just looking to to compare the various types of weight benches available in the market today, I think you’ll find the perfect solution among my reviews.

If you’re more of a beginner but looking for the best option we recommend you have a look at  this Best Fitness FID Bench; alternatively, check out the Powerline PFID125X Flat Incline Decline Folding Bench (currently on offer at 35% off and one of my favorites!).


XMark Fitness Commercial Rated Adjustable Dumbbell Weight BenchIf you are scouring for a good weight bench, the XMark Fitness bench model is worth checking out. This product is a lot more expensive than most available products of its kind, but with good reason. The average price for this unit is around $240. Check out some of the reasons below why this adjustable weight bench deserves to be priced so high…


This commercial quality exercise bench comes with the following distinguished features:

  • This bench accommodates multiple positioning that ranges from decline to military positions, something you will appreciate if everyone in the family is going to use the unit. If a member in the family has some kind of injury and is required to do exercises in specific positions only, this is the right product for your household to use.

  • The cushions are ultra-thick, which is of course, an additional gesture from the company to give ultimate protection for its users. According to reviewers, they will pay more than what they have shelled out because of the perfect cushioning. Some have said that you could actually sleep on the bench after doing the workouts.

  • This product is tear resistant because of the material and the kind of stitching used. The manufacturer double stitched highly durable vinyl material to make the product surely last. Reviews are saying that the vinyl material is really something worthy of the money.

  • The seat is adjustable as well with three possible positions.

  • This product comes with built-in wheels for easy movement. With its very light weight, you can easily transport the bench from one room to another. Instead of moving the TV from the living room, you can just let the TV stay on its place and move the bench instead.

  • The manufacturer made sure that the bench is scratch-resistant by utilizing baked powder coat finish.

  • The bench is very easy to put together. According to reviews and those who participate in forums for exercise benches, the average time is about 15 minutes for the unit to assemble. After assembling, you would find the unit showing a perfect balance of functionality and beauty.


  • The weight capacity of the product is 1500 lbs. This means that all of the members of your family can easily get onto the bench and do whatever exercises you want to do.

  • The seat cushion is 16 inches by 16 inches. That would be about 196 square inches for its surface area.

  • The back cushion is 33 inches by 11 inches, which means that the area for the back cushion is about 363 square inches.

  • When already assembled, the products overall dimensions are 52.50 x 50.50 x 22.50 inches. That is about a little less than 60,000 cubic inches for the volume.


Although this bench is sturdy and not wobbly, there are a couple of minor issues that reviewers are mentioning in their posts, including:

  • Some customers find the seat to be too large. If you have a petite body, you might feel that the seat is uncomfortable and does not fit you. But there are petite users who love this bench for being large because it allows them to have large weights.

  • Some customers have complaints on the distributor of the product. One reviewer posted a negative review because the product arrived with missing screws and parts. Going with a renowned retailer like Amazon should ensure any issues like that are handled quickly.


Bowflex SelectTech 552 1090 Dumbbell StandThe Bowflex SelectTech 552 / 1090 Dumbbell Stand is the perfect complement for your dumbbells. This stand is designed to protect your back from getting strained as you will not have the need to bend down just to pick up the dumbbells. The sleek and handsome design is suitable for many settings. If you want added convenience, check this stand and see if the features that come with it are right for you and your budget.


The ergonomic design is proof that the product is well-constructed. Consider the other main features of this product:

  • This product comes with a 30-year warranty, but make sure that you are clear about the details. Are parts and service included in the warranty? Check with the distributor and Bowflex.

  • The product has rollers at the bottom so you can easily roll it out of the way after using.

  • There is a place in the unit to hang in your towels. The rack for towels can accommodate three to four big towels. That will be enough for you to use for long sessions.

  • Make sure that you check for “free” offerings. The company sometimes gives out free units on special occasions to those who will purchase their dumbbells. If you are lucky, you can have the unit shipped and handled for you without having to pay a single cent. But if you cannot find such exciting deal, you will have to shell out around $170. But online retailers like Amazon often give a 20% discount.

  • The design is professional. According to some reviews, Bowflex dumbbells look great on the stand and as part of a home exercise area. The combination looks like the perfect professional setup.


  • This product means you don’t have to worry about space. Just designate a place in a corner and the thing can easily be rolled in any spot.

  • This stand is designed to protect dumbbell users. With this exercise instrument allowing the dumbbells to be placed at the waist level, the user is not required to bend down. Back injuries are some of the brutal injuries that can be acquired from weightlifting.

  • The stand looks frail from the pictures online, but it is actually made of very durable materials. One reviewer even noted that the stand may last as long as the Bowflex dumbbells can last.

  • The black and the metal colors add up to the simplicity of the design. This makes the table suitable for all settings and occasions and fitting for most of available dumbbell designs.


There are two setbacks and some reviewers have mentioned them.

  • Assembly is an issue as the manual is quite confusing as well as its instructions. The table comes completely disassembled and you can spend time figuring out which piece should connect to which piece. The technique is to lay everything on the floor and check out the screw sizes first. Next, check how the stand stands on the picture. Just be guided by that structure.

  • You might also feel a little bit confused on how to use the straps that should hold the dumbbells in place when sitting on the stand. The manual is a little bit unclear about how to use the straps properly. The best advice we can give you is to check with the company.


Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)There are many available dumbbells from different companies, so it’s possible that you will spend a lot of time testing and researching which ones are right for you. Each model offers different features, and prices vary within a wide range. But one we’ve really enjoyed are the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair), the features we’ve reviewed below.


If you want dumbbells that allow you to easily switch from one exercise to another, try this Bowflex model. Other features include the following:

  • This product was designed to help you eliminate the cluttering that goes with the type whose dumbbell weights cannot be increased or decreased. This model has a weight increment of 2.5 lbs. Such an increment is applicable only for weights up to 25 lbs. It comes with a dial system that effectively link fifteen weights into one unit.

  • This product offers a warranty of 2 years for both parts and plates. Once you feel that any of the weights is loosening, call the company right away and have them replace the problematic plates – they have a great online reputation.

  • The manual specifies the exercises that you can use for every body part and clearly explains how those exercises should be done. For example, if you are trying to strengthen your legs, the manual teaches on how side lunge, reverse lungs, dead lift stationary lunges, calf raises and wide squats must be performed. This feature is very helpful for people who can’t add more exercises and for those who are not clear about what specific body parts are being targeted by the exercises they are doing.

  • The construction is solid. Some reviewers have suggested that even if these dumbbells fall onto a solid surface, they will not break into pieces. However, the manufacturer reminds everyone not to drop the dumbbells from a height above 10 inches.

  • The handle has good ergonomics and fits well with the palm. Reviewers say that the grip feels good and natural.

  • The dumbbells will benefit especially those who are strengthening their back. If you are fond of lifting weights while standing than from a squatting position, this Bowflex model can easily toughen your back muscles.

  • The design is simply great, an aspect that is mentioned by many reviews. The model’s design is something that will surely catch the attention of your exercise buddies.


  • The weight range for the dumbbells is from 5 to 5.2 lbs.

  • The dumbbells can be used for more than 30 different types of exercises.

  • Dimensions for each dumbbell are 15.75 inches for the length, 8 for the width and 9 inches for the height.


  • This product is the ideal solution for those who don’t have the luxury of space at home. The dumbbells also have the right size so you can easily tuck them inside a cabinet or under the bed.

  • The 2.5 weight increment is good for people who don’t want to get the ugly bulks. You can increase the weights once you see your muscles shrinking and do the other direction when the muscles bulk too much.

  • The ergonomics and engineering allow convenient use. The handle fits the hand very well, so there would be little chance of you developing cuts or bruises from long grips associated with long exercise sessions.


There is one minor setback for this model and it’s about the connector of the plates. The spindles that pick and hold the plates up are strong, but they are made of plastic. If you sit on a bench and accidentally drop a dumbbell, the first that might break is the spindle.

Make sure that you keep that in mind so you will be always be extra careful with these dumbbells. This pair of dumbbells is quite pricey at around $300 and you don’t want to lose that kind of money by being clumsy or careless.




Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 3.1If you want a bench that can promote different exercises, the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 3.1 is a superb option. This adjustable weight bench can be changed to four different positions, ensuring you have a variety of ways in which to get in shape!

Best Weight Bench for Home: Features

Aside from the fact that it has four positions, there are some other great features of this weight bench, including:

  • This product is able to transform any free space to a fitness center. The product allows users to safely perform more than 30 different types of exercises, thus ensuring you do not have to buy other home gym equipment you may have been considering.

  • According to many online reviews, the engineering quality of the product is topnotch.

  • With this weight bench, you can easily shift from reclining to inclining to flat position.

  • The product comes with an additional support for declining position. There is a removable leg brace especially designed for this purpose. The brace can help make you feel they are well-supported while doing exercises on the bench.

  • The product has been praised for its ability to correct users’ posture with every exercise that they perform.

  • The product comes with grips, bars, and pads that can limit movement. These added materials are designed for minimizing injury.

  • It comes with a one-year warranty on upholstery and a 15-year warranty on frame. Do check with the distributor if they are offering additional warranty aside from the one’s provided by the company.

  • Many reviewers and a couple of our friends are very happy with how easy it is to put together. One said it took him less than 10 minutes to get the whole thing assembled.


  • The product’s dimensions are 56” x 20” x 26”. That translates to a volume of 29,120 cubic inches.

  • Shipping weight is about 64 lbs.

  • Assembled weight is 55.1 lbs. with a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

  • The seat for the legs is round in shape.


  • The parts are already assembled in the box. All you have to do is connect the main parts. The instructions from the manual are crystal clear. Thus, there may be no need for any additional help from friends or family.

  • The seat area is 15” at its widest part and 12” at its narrowest. The back rest is about 12 inches. Make sure it fits you and your posture.

From most reviews, those measurements are really quite accommodating for many users. On the contrary, other companies always think that only small people do workouts so they usually come up with small structures that big people cannot enjoy.

  • The feet are stable, the kind that don’t wobble on rubber mats or carpets. It remains steady and unmoving whether you are up on it or not. It is fixed to the surface, ensuring a safe workout.


There is a certain minor downside, which has been mentioned in reviews:

  • During assembly, you might find the legs a bit snug so you should experience doing the turning and twisting first before the legs can be slid into the poles. Apart from that problem, you should not encounter anything else to worry about. But even this little problem does not stop buyers from saying that this product is worth the money.



At around $200s, this weight bench is one of the most expensive products we’ve reviewed. Check out Amazon for a very nice deal, they are always offering a discount of some sort…



Adidas Flat Weight BenchWe know what it’s like when you’re unsatisfied with your current weight bench unit, and are on the hunt for a replacement. It’s never easy deciding on new equipment, other than hearing advice from friends and online opinion. Trouble is with that “opinion” is that it isn’t always fair and honest…
Our own struggles with deciding on great equipment always lead us to find friends and sports shops with knowledgeable staff before we make a final decision – and those were our sources for the great flat bench press from Adidas.
Several friends of ours reported good things about it, and it has some great online reviews. It has a low-profile design, but if that is not your concern, you might find the many other aspects of this product advantageous.
Online exercise and athlete apparel websites are selling the bench at an average price of $100. Not too heavy an investment for some of the following great features:
This bench can be used during abs and back exercises coupled with free weights. Check if these flat weight bench features can help improve your exercise routine.
This bench’s weight is about 600 lbs, meaning it is solid inside and it will not easily wobble on the carpet or the rubber mats in your garage. As long as you do not weigh more than half the weight of the bench, you can be sure that you are safe while on it. In the manual, the maximum allowable weight by the bench is 300 lbs. If you weigh more than that, check out some superior alternatives, which you can see elsewhere on our site.
This flat bench is easy to put together. Some online reviews suggest it is difficult to assemble, but even without extra help, you can make it standing and ready for use in minutes. This advantage is perfect for people who want to bring along a flat bench and exercise in different settings.
This bench has a sturdy backpad. It is made of high-density foam that is about 2.5 inches thick. This is ideal for those who are worried about hurting their back – which is a concern among many exercise fans.
Durability is further enhanced by the way it was constructed. Check the upholstered construction as soon as you open the packaging.
Your investment is added to with the bench’s 2-year limited warranty. Make sure that you clarify with the distributor if they have additional warranty offers for this item. Also, check for shipping insurance offers.
This product has the following specifications:
Dimensions for this product are 45.4 inches for the length, 4.5 for thickness and 7.0 inches for the width. When fully assembled, the bench occupies a space that is about 10,472 cubic inches with a length of 44 inches and a width of 19 inches.
Shipping weight is 33.2 lbs.
The feel is really solid as there are no moving parts. You might be thinking of other brands and models because of their cheaper price, but be aware you are not endangering yourself by getting a wobbly, cheaper unit.
With 600 lbs. as its own weight, the bench allows a 300-lb user to take in a maximum 300 lb. of weights. The product allows a wide range of flexibility for weight options.
The low-profile design makes the bench easily blend with any decoration or color theme at home. Some may find that a big advantage.
There is one setback worth mentioning:
The legs are not padded at the bottom, so make sure you put plastic support on the floor to avoid scratching.




It doesn’t matter how many weightlifting exercises you know or how much weight you can lift. Without a decent Olympic weight set, you’ll never be able to set up a successful home gym. You might even see your gains slipping away! The most crucial component of an Olympic weight set is undoubtedly an Olympic Weight Bench. We’ve tested out many of the industry’s finest weightlifting benches and have come up with this top three list for your easy reference.

1. Competitor Olympic Weight Bench

The sleek and minimalist design of this weight bench belies its multi-functionality. In fact, it is simply the finest example of the modern weightlifting bench and is excellent value for money.

A lot of thought has gone into designing this weight bench and optimizing it for weightlifters of all shapes and sizes. The adjustable weight catches are the best example of this. Those of us with slightly shorter arms often have to stretch our arms to breaking point just to lift the barbell off the catches while doing bench presses on conventional benches. These adjustable catches allow you to perform this most quintessential of weightlifting exercises a lot more comfortably. The adjustable back pad, with five different adjustment points, also allows you to challenge your muscles from different angles. Switch up your workout by doing an incline or decline bench press – your muscles are sure to explode!

This Olympic weight bench scores top marks for sturdiness. Right out of the box, we knew we had a winner. Everything about this Competitor product, from the heavy-gauge steel tubes to the firm contoured foam rollers, spells quality. While most of its rivals have weight capacities hovering around the 300 or 400 pound mark, this bench can take an incredible 600 pounds of weight – and that’s a conservative estimate. Without a doubt, this bench will be able to take as much punishment as you can throw at it. It’s a great investment!

2. Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench

This Marcy Diamond Olympic weight set is popular among professional athletes and it’s not tough to see why. It’s not only affordable, but boasts some useful and unique features that are sure to elevate your training regimen to the next level.

Chief among these is the preacher curl pad. The preacher curl is the king of bicep exercises, completely isolating your biceps to help develop that full, rounded bicep peak you’ve been lusting after. This Marcy Diamond product includes both the curl pad and the curl bar. Load it up and you’re good to go.

We also love the adjustable seat pad which can be adjusted using a slide-track mechanism. In order for us to adopt the correct posture while lifting weights, we need to ensure our legs as well as our back are properly positioned. The seat pad ensures that lifters of all heights will be able to use this Olympic weight bench comfortably.


3. Best Fitness Olympic Bench

The “best value” award definitely goes to this popular bench from Best Fitness.

At this price, you won’t find many weightlifting benches which include a leg developer attachment. Best Fitness has optimized the pivot mechanism to ensure you can get a full range of motion when doing leg extensions of hamstring curls, allowing users to get the most out of every rep. The attachment does not get in your way when you’re doing upper-body exercises, so there’s no need to go through the hassle of detaching and reattaching it.

This Olympic weightlifting bench is also very long-lasting. While many manufacturers choose to cut corners on the back pad and foam rollers, resulting in unsightly peeling and flaking within a few months of use, Best Fitness has demonstrated its trademark attention to detail, resulting in a bench that will easily last a few years with regular maintenance. It’s a fantastic long-term investment.

If you’re thinking of building a home gym, an Olympic weight set should be your first priority. You can’t go wrong with an Olympic weight bench from this list!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a football player, baseball player or bodybuilder – no athlete can get by with just one machine in the gym. You need to engage in a wide variety of challenging exercises to push your body to the absolute limit in order to see strength and muscle gains all over your body. The Marcy Diamond MD 857 Olympic Surge Weight Bench is a one-stop solution for all your weightlifting needs. Unlike other weight benches which only lend themselves to a few exercises, this handy bench incorporates a preacher curl bench, squat rack and adjustable back pad into one neat little package.

The number of exercises you can perform using this Marcy weight bench is unbelievable. When I want to feel that incomparable burn in my biceps, I make use of the preacher curl pad and bar. This exercise is fantastic for bringing out the peak in your biceps for fuller, more impressive arms.

In order to attack my pectoral muscles from every possible angle, I do all of my bench presses on this bench. Thanks to the adjustable back pad and seat, I can hit my chest at various incline angles to challenge the muscles more and sculpt thicker and rounder pecs. There’s even a leg-developer with a pivot to help me maintain good posture while bench-pressing.

Of course, no workout would be complete without some leg exercises. Well, this bench doubles up as a walk-in squat station. Its nifty reverse squat rack design with adjustable rack pins ensures that I can easily rack my weights after squeezing out one last agonizing rep. This helps prevent lower back and knee injuries during this difficult exercise. The leg-developer can be used to perform leg extensions or hamstring curls for a more well-rounded lower-body workout.

Finally, by moving the back pad completely upright, I can perform seated shoulder presses to get those broad shoulders I’ve always dreamed of having. In summary, this Marcy bench is everything I need for a full-body workout.

Some fitness equipment tries to distract you with lots of bells and whistles, but fails customers where it matters most – stability. It’s no good having a weight bench with tons of newfangled attachments if the bench wobbles dangerously every time you pick up a heavy weight. Wobbly weightlifting benches aren’t just distracting, but also incredibly dangerous. It’s difficult enough bench-pressing 200 pounds as it is – you definitely don’t want to tip over while holding that much weight!

Fortunately this Marcy weight bench really takes the cake as far as stability is concerned. Although the engineers have had their work cut out for them with the multifarious attachments on this weight bench, they’ve done an infallible job balancing out each component so that the bench distributes weight evenly for great stability. I’ve never encountered any problems with this bench, even when I’m using very heavy weights.

I’m also fairly confident this Marcy bench is hardy enough to go the distance. The moment I received the package and felt the considerable heft of the bench components, I knew I was in for a treat. The bench is as solid as it looks. Most of it is made of heavy-duty metal and the rest of it is made of very durable plastic. Even the foam is high-density and can take some hard knocks. It’s a good long-term investment – maybe my children will train on this someday!

I must add one caveat to this otherwise glowing review – the bench takes quite long to assemble. I’m not very good with tools, so I took somewhere between three and four hours to put it together. If you have a weightlifting partner, enlisting his help will speed up the assembly process a lot more. Still, I’ve never had to tinker with this bench after setting it up, so I’m willing to overlook this small complaint. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this Marcy weight bench!

Universal Five-Position Weight Bench
Nowadays, a lot of athletes are getting caught up with the latest sporting technology. Workouts revolving around newfangled exercise machines and high-falutin fitness concepts have swiftly displaced traditional barbell and dumbbell workouts. However, I’ve been bodybuilding for nearly two decades and for my money, all you need to get in great shape are a set of free weights and an adjustable weight bench. Forget those expensive cable machines and invest in the Universal Five Position Weight Bench. Your body will thank you for it.


When you’ve been lifting weights as long as I have, you’ll realize that the single most important factor when it comes to selecting a weightlifting bench is stability. If you’re bench-pressing twice your bodyweight, the last thing you want is a lightweight bench that slides across the floor with every movement you make. You need peace of mind to perform at your physical peak and the Five Position Universal Weight Bench gives you that. This adjustable bench features stabilizer levelers to help prevent it from rocking or swaying on uneven ground, which is a feature that will come in handy for most of us since the vast majority of floors aren’t level.


Of course, adjustable weight benches should be mobile as well as stable. Those geniuses over at Universal have managed to create that rarest of products – a weightlifting bench that moves only when you want it to, only the way you want it to. I often rotate my bench so I can get a good view of the muscle I’m working out at the time and I’ve never had to expend much energy to move this one around.


In addition, you’ll want to make sure your weightlifting bench is durable. Few pieces of furniture come under quite as much stress as a workout bench and only the very best benches will be able to stand up to the massive amounts of weight you’re lifting. In terms of durability, Universal has really outdone itself this time. The engineers responsible for designing this bench deserve plenty of plaudits for welding the supports to the point where the seat meets the back rest, eliminating the need for nuts and bolts that are liable to come loose under excessive stress. The weight distribution is also fantastic. Even when I was benching over two hundred pounds, my spotting partner reported no bending or flexing in the bench frame. According to the manufacturer, this Universal Weight Bench is capable of withstanding weights up to 430 pounds, but judging from the extremely solid look and feel, I’d wager it can handle at least 20 percent more weight than that without too much trouble.


Personally, I find most weightlifting equipment to be a waste of money. I like to stick to the basics in my workouts – bench presses, bicep curls, shoulder presses and the like and this adjustable weight bench really helps me get the most out of these tried-and-tested exercises. It gives me the ability to work out at a total of five different angles so I can hit my muscles from different positions and get the best possible results. For example, with this bench, I can now perform incline bench presses with my backrest at the “sweet spot” of a 30-degree incline. That really gives my chest muscles an incomparable pump.


Overall, this is as close to a perfect example of a weight bench I’ve come across. I do wish that the -10 degree incline was supported, but that’s a position most weightlifters are unlikely to utilize anyway, so I’m willing to overlook that. If you want to really enjoy more rewarding workouts, pick up the Five Position Universal Weight Bench today.


Weider Pro 255 L Slant Board/Ab Bench Ever since my old incline weightlifting bench broke, I’ve been on the lookout for a durable yet affordable incline bench. This Weider Incline Weight Bench definitely fit the bill as far as the price was concerned, but I had some major concerns about its build quality and design. Fortunately, the moment I unpacked and assembled this product, I knew I had made a great investment. Weider is famed in the fitness industry for its attention to detail and massive emphasis on craftsmanship and I’m pleased to report that this weightlifting bench is no exception.

First of all, I absolutely love the design of this incline bench. My favorite feature is the 4-roll leg lockdown attachment which allows me to maintain perfect posture when I’m lifting heavy weights. Have yo

u ever done really heavy sets of bicep curls? Do you remember how difficult it was to keep your lower back straight and your feet on the floor? Well, with the leg lockdown feature on this Weider weight bench, that’s no longer an issue. With your legs elevated and held in place, your lower back will automatically straighten. You can then give 100 percent attention to the muscles you are targeting, whether it’s the biceps, shoulders or chest.

I also love the adjustable back pad. I’ve come across many a weight bench which can only be adjusted in large increments. That makes it tricky for me to do exercises like incline bicep curls because the back rest is either far too high or far too low. Fortunately, Weider’s product designers have taken pains to ensure that the adjustment points are evenly spaced out. As long as you’re not obscenely tall or incredibly short, I’m quite certain you’ll find the adjustment increments well-spaced and comfortable.

There aren’t many weight benches out there that allow you to move the back pad into a declined position, but this Weider weight bench is one of them. In fact, the decline is deep enough for you to perform some really challenging decline sit-ups to work your abs. I highly recommend holding a weight plate to really push your abs to the limit. You can also do decline dumbbell presses on this weight bench to bring out the definition in your lower chest muscles.

Since I’m talking about weights, I’d like to discuss the issue of stability. My previous incline bench was incredibly wobbly. Sometimes, it felt like I was expending more effort to balance my bench than perform my weightlifting exercises! Although this bench feels relatively lightweight, it boasts brilliant weight distribution for superb stability. Even when I’m heaving my heaviest dumbbells around, I don’t feel a single tremor in the weight frame. This Weider weight bench was exactly what I needed for a safer workout.

Most weightlifting benches at this price point aren’t really built to last. Most of them last about a year at most. This Weider weightlifting bench, however, has all the makings of a great long-term investment. Six months in, the product still looks brand new. Special mention goes to the foam rollers and vinyl seats. In my experience, these components are usually the first to start peeling, but mine are still in tip-top condition. I’m confident this bench will last at least another two years.

If you want adjustability, durability and stability without spending too much money, this Weider weight bench is for you. I’d never have believed an incline bench this affordable could deliver on so many counts, but Weider has proved me wrong!


Body Solid FID46 Flat Incline Decline BenchI give my best in every workout, so it stands to reason that I want to furnish my home gym with the best possible equipment money can buy. If I give 100 percent, I want to know that my fitness equipment is up to the challenge and so far, the Body Solid Flat Incline Decline Bench has yet to disappoint me. It is quite simply one of the most cutting-edge weight benches I’ve ever seen, combining a handful of useful features with outstanding build quality to deliver one of the best home gym experiences I’ve ever encountered.

I’ve yet to find a weight bench that is quite as versatile as this one. It can be used with power racks and Smith machines for barbell exercises or on its own for dumbbell exercises. What’s more, while most of the competition is offering weightlifting benches with five adjustment points, this bench offers a whopping nine adjustment points so you can find that “sweet spot” that works best for your weightlifting needs! When I train, I like to work my muscles from every possible angle for best results and this adjustable bench allows me to calibrate my training. I’ve seen noticeable improvements in my bicep curl, incline bench press and shoulder press since buying this bench.

In addition, while many gym benches are all but useless when it comes to lower body exercises, this Body Solid bench features a leg curl attachment so you can attain a strong and sculpted lower body. I’ve loaded up multiple plates on the attachment and found it to be impressively sturdy. What’s more, the pivot is designed to give you the maximum possible range of motion to ensure well-rounded development. I also love the inclusion of cushioned handgrips which have helped improve my form on leg curls. You can use this attachment for both leg extensions and hamstring curls. It’s really made a big difference to my leg workouts. Best of all, it’s detachable, so you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way during your upper-body workouts.

If you’ve ever owned an incline decline bench that suffers on the stability front, you’ll know how important having a rock-solid bench is to us seasoned weightlifters. We’ve got enough on our minds trying to heave hundreds of pounds above our heads – we don’t need the added stress of worrying whether our bench is going to tip over or collapse under the weight. This weigh bench definitely lives up to the “Body Solid” brand name with its peerless build quality. The mainframe is both thick (it’s around three inches in girth) and heavy thanks to the round-stock-steel tubes. I threw everything I had at it during one particularly vigorous workout and it did not budge an inch. Now , I can work out with complete peace of mind.

Although it is super-sturdy, the bench is pretty mobile thanks to the thoughtful inclusion of bottom wheels. I have no trouble moving it around the room so I can get a good view of the muscles I’m targeting in different workouts. If you’re on the slight side, you may need a helping hand since this weight bench is very heavy, but mobility is not as big an issue as it is with most solid weightlifting benches.

My only complaint is regarding the assembly time. Unsurprisingly, the bench came with a vast assortment of parts that took some time to put together. Fortunately, I’ve never had a single pin or bolt slip out and have never had to tinker with the bench assembly thereafter. Overall, this is a genuine world-class incline decline bench and I’d recommend it to all my fellow fitness freaks.


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